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Agreya Capital is a SEBI registered portfolio management service provider offering both discretionary and non-discretionary fund management services. Agreya means “First” in Sanskrit as we aim to become our client’s first choice in Investment management. The firm has mandated ICICI Bank and Edelweiss Group for providing custody, fund accounting and broking services to our clients.

About our clients

  • Have wealth creation as primary driver: The focus of our clients is long-term wealth creation and understand that equities have historically been the best investment class to achieve this objective.
  • Define long-term as 3-5 years: Our clients understand that investments in equity markets are long-term investments and cannot be assessed on year-on-year basis.
  • Compare us with benchmark & not against other houses: Every fund house has strategies with inherent risks and rewards. So our clients compare us only against benchmark indices over up & down investment cycle.
  • Understand that equity markets have inherent capital erosion risks: Equity/stock market investments do not provide capital protection. Agreya’s clients are cognizant that principal erosion of their investment is possible.

Leadership Team

Arjun Narsipur

Arjun Narsipur

Krishnan MV

Krishnan MV

Managing Partner
Shailendra Agarwal

Shailendra Agarwal

Vivek Vasudevan

Vivek Vasudevan

CEO & Managing Partner

Our Strategies

Diversified Growth Strategy

Fund Manager : Arjun Narsipur

Core portfolio in this strategy consists of 12-15 stocks that exhibit consistent growth and profitability. Selection is driven by a factor-based process and entry and exit is driven by a proprietary tested approach. This is a long only strategy with occasional movement into cash during bear markets with an aim to provide superior returns and achieve lower maximum drawdown compared to the Benchmark Index

Concentrated Value Discovery Strategy

Fund Manager : Shailendra Agarwal

Core portfolio for this strategy consists of 7-10 stocks that exhibit strong growth potential and positive tailwinds. Portfolio selection is driven by value drivers that may not be fully reflected in current prices. This is a long only strategy with further accumulation of winners with an aim to provide significant outperformance over 3-5 years. The portfolio has low churn and planned exits to optimize returns

Limited Exposure Equity Index Strategy

Fund Manager : Arjun Narsipur and Shailendra Agarwal

This strategy provides high risk adjusted returns by protecting capital during bear markets and capturing short/long term uptrends in bull/bear markets. The edge (unique propositions) are the statistical positive expectancy of the system, use of the instruments and a rule based entry and exit system. Since the process entails only buying of options, the Strategy avoids blow out risks. Further, significant portion (~90%) of the portfolio in debt / liquid funds provides a relatively larger degree of capital protection

Index Multiplier Strategy

Fund Manager : Arjun Narsipur and Shailendra Agarwal

The strategy aims to deliver higher returns by investing a significant portion of capital in equity instruments. A portion of the balance cash is utilized to buy options on indices and individual equities to enhance returns. The behaviour is akin to long only equities but the magnitude differs. This strategy is suitable for investors with risk tolerance

Dynamic Alpha Mutual Fund Strategy

Fund Manager : Arjun Narsipur

The strategy aims to remove inherent biases in fund selection and adopts an objective approach to investing in mutual funds. A curated portfolio of Mutual Funds with proven long term track record, low expense ratio and high risk adjusted rating are provided to our investors as a package. Equity : Debt allocation is managed dynamically based on emerging market conditions to generate alpha returns.

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